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10 Reasons for Personal Training

  • 1. detailed fitness and health check
  • At the beginning, there are fitness and health checks because they are the basis for each training.

    In gyms you can find qualitative and quantitative differently checks.

    But a detailed interview/examination (anamnesis) is very important. The more you are superficially interviewed the more your training schedule becomes standardized.

    The scope of your fitness and health check is defined by your training goal and your anamnesis:


    • detailed anamnesis
    • risk and lifestyle check to determine your risk concerning heart attack, stroke and osteoporosis
    • body and vital signs check (determination of body fat, pulse, blood pressure)
    • muscle function and coordination test (muscle contractions and muscle strength, balance and responsiveness)
    • endurance test
  • 2. purposive training
  • Your fitness check is completed. What is next?

    The decisive factor here is a planned proceeding to achieve your desired fitness level: your training goal, the right training topics with correct exercise execution, the optimal training load per training session and controlled breaks.

    Different from gyms where you train in groups or on your own without any controlling of your training execution you are central when training with me.

    We will plan your goals and priorities together. Afterwards, you will get an individual training schedule.

    You only have to focus on your training program. You just have to remember the practive time and your workout clothes.

  • 3. multidimensional training
  • In comparison with gyms, Personal Training offers an individual, entire and conducted training. Because a training should be as individual as the person who completes this.

    Thereby, preventing dysbalances it is very important to train the whole body.

    It is insufficient to train only stamina or strength, it is important to activate the other three of the five motor abilities: mobility, coordination, speed.

    I will put together this all-round fitness package for you - of course geared to your current fitness level.

  • 4. precise training loading
  • In so doing, it is important to adjust continuously your training schedule with your changing fitness level. In gyms training schedules are adjusted not continuously or partly not at all. Thus, you will not get more increased efficiency and you will tread water.

    The so-called supercompensation plays an important part to level up your fitness. This means that the body increases the commitment beyond the native level after a training load throughout recovery. This now higher fitness level should be used for a new training session to reach a steady but upwards bounded increased efficiency.

    Not only training stimuli are important but also correctly placed training breaks. The body will adapt to the previous load during this time.

  • 5. safe/controlled training
  • Your training does not only require an individual training schedule and an all in all training: the correct execution is very important as well.

    At the beginning or after years of training it is possible that faults slip in the technique.

    These faults will not always be perceived in gyms, but they can be remediated with Personal Training. So I can ensure that you are able to implement correctly each exercise beyond Personal Training.

  • 6. fixed/familiar trainer
  • Another major advantage of Personal Training is the fact that you are attended and supportetd by the same trainer. This kind of regularity leads to confidence and I will only focus on you and your training for a defined period.

    Use this advantage of having the same person that will consult you, care for you and support you.

    Your training goal is my motivation!

  • 7. flexible practice time and training location
  • The surely most important criterion for Personal Training: I will comply with your time and you decide where you want to train.

    It does not matter whether you want to train outdoors, in the office or at your home - anonymously and discreetly.

  • 8. safing precious leisure
  • This you may also know: you are going to the gym. Now you have to add the transit time for journey and departure to your time management. Further, you may get into a stress situation due to heavy traffic or because you are pinched for time.

    If you plan a training with me you can stay relaxed. I will bring along all training stuff and you save the access route. You can use this gained time for other private things.

  • 9. kick of motivation: overcoming your weaker self
  • Yeah, yeah, the weaker self - everybody knows.

    You have planned a training session in the gym but you rather prefer laying on the couch.

    This or a similar situation has surely everyone already experienced. But nobody in the gym calls you to motivate you to start out - ergo: your weaker self wins.

    A Personal Training with me does not accept these excuses. The scheduled appointment does wonders against your weaker self.

    I will motivate you in claiming but not overwhelming you. You will feel good after the first training because you will have approached your fitness goal.

  • 10. rapid success of training
  • Even in the fitness sector you can watch newcomers training brashly to succeed fast. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. In gyms, approximately 95% of all self trainees do not achieve their initial goal. There may be different reasons:


    • change of the training motive
    • losing sight of the training goal
    • underestimating of the training


    A training goal mostly failures because of the last reason. Especially at the beginning of a year you can watch many new registrations in gyms, but a lot of them are no longer on the spot 3 months later.

    Thus, only 5% achieve their goal by training on their own. But these need twice as much time as those that are supervised by a personal trainer.

    So you are enjoying challenges and you want to achieve your goal as fast as possible? Then let us getting started!

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