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That's me

I have worked as a male nurse on a septic trauma surgical ward here in Hamburg for 10 years. Now I'm working in a cardiac catheterization lab. In this area, health is the essential thing. A regular physical activity combined with a balanced and healthy food have a preventive effect and support the healing process of diseases.

As an offset to the everyday working life, I try to do sports three times a week. Due to this passion, I decided to carry out this hobby as a side job.

The necessary theoretical and practical knowledge I have successfully acquired in the following courses:

  • Fitness Instructor A Licence
  • Personal Trainer
  • Medical Fitness Instructor

Personally, I prefer to practice with the own weight to perceive better the body and to train the different body areas at the same time - that means functional. But as well cardio training as strength training is part of my everyday sports.


But it is very important that you enjoy your sport and that you are sensible of it - both training and nutrition.


Now you know something about me – now I want to become acquainted with you.

I look forward to meeting you!

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