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Muscle Building


Muscle building does not mean automatically bodybuilding. Weight training is a key to forming your life healthy, lively and more energized.

Step by step your weight and fat content will self-regulate and will have a positive effect on your whole organism by preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or back pains.

You also reduce your injury and disease risk while strengthening your immune system. Furthermore, you can reduce frustation as well as bad mood and you can raise your confidence and self-esteem - saying nothing of the visual results. Because muscle gaining tightens and forms your body.

Muscles spend more energy than fat and do have an influence on fat reduction. But women do not have to be afraid of muscle building at all: they build up less muscle mass than men do due to hormonal differences. That is the reason I recommend a regular weight training to the female gender.

Following you have an overview of the most important muscle groups that will be differently heavily loaded during my training sessions:

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