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Strength and Stamina Training


What does strength mean at sports?
It describes the ability to overcome (= concentric ), to hold (= isometric) or to counter (= eccentric) outer resistance by the interaction of nerves and muscles. Looking at the bench press e.g., to bench the barbell is overcoming and to sink the pole on the chest is countering.

Strength training is not only muscle building and bodybuilding how it is used to be described as. Furthermore, it has its right to exist in leisure sports, prevention and rehabs. Certainly, strength training makes for more power, a muscle building and an increase of bone density. It also intensifies the tendons, ligaments, fasciae and joint structures. Besides, it leads to a better posture and a general protective function of the body. So there is a more effective rehab after injuries and diseases and there will be a body forming, a weight loss and a better increase of efficienty and quality of living for older people.

There are three manifestations of power during strength training: maximal strength, speed strength and strength endurance.

The goal of strength endurance training is to realise longer a certain movement pattern. Strength training of strength endurance looms large in endurance sports, e.g. swimming, rowing, climbing.

A combination of strength and endurance training forms the basis for an all in all body training and along with a correct and balanced nutrition it leads to a steady weight loss.

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