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Fat Burning and Weight Loss


That is surely THE primary goal when training: losing lots of weight in short time and burning fat simultaneously.

This and a body shape with a toned skin and a certain body tension will be most effectively achieved within a foreseeable future by a combination of an intensive and regular weight and stamina training. The nutrition plays also an important part in this context.

It is easy to say: the more muscles built up the more energy spent. Because muscles permanently spend energy at rest being in contrast to fat.

Differently from the past, energy is spent from the first minute of sports on. For losing weight it is not the decisive factor how much fat was burnt during the physical activity but the balance of energy - how much energy was spent in total.

A regular, healthy and balanced nutrition combined with a weight and stamina training will burn fat lasting. But you have to know that every human reacts differently to a training and there is not THE ONE solution for everybody. If you want to understand why it takes so long to burn fat you have to know that 1 kg of body fat corresponds roughly to 7000 saved kcal. Now you see that it takes some time to loose that 1 kg.

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