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Nutrition Advice


Doing regularly sports is only one half of the success. But every bit as important because everything stands and falls with it is the right nutrition. You may have been at the gyms the whole week long but still have no results at all because you have consumed too little or event far too much energy or the major nutrients were unproportional.

What are the three major nutrients?
carbohydrates, protein, fat
Therby, carbohydrates and fat are the primary energy sources for the athlete. Whereas protein is the body-builder for the muscles and as an energy source meaningless. The daily ingestion should show this distribution of major nutrients:

  • 55% carbohydrates (4,1 kcal/g)
  • 30% fat (9,3 kcal/g)
  • 15% protein (4,1 kcal/g)
This distribution has to be adapted according to sporty effort and goal.

It is very important to know that the body daily needs a certain quantity of energy to maintain its functions.

This basal metabolism should not be undershot otherwise the body will be undernourished in the long run and will store immediately the smallest quantity of energy for "hard times".

Personal Training with me means that I will raise your awareness for this topic and I will show you what you have to watch out for to achieve quick results by making dietary advice available to you and acting as a contact person.

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